Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Thrill of the Hunt

I don’t know about the rest of you, but grocery shopping became less interesting to me when they started to use barcodes instead of price stickers. No longer could I scrounge around on the bottom shelf for the jar of peanut butter that was priced less than the ones at eye level.

I still enjoy “the thrill of the hunt” and starting today, Jan, my cohort in all things “cheap and cheerful” (to quote the Brits) and I will be sharing with our blog followers some of the escapades that we go on in search of interesting and frugal fibre arts and mixed media arts and craft supplies and where they may be found in Calgary and area.

With today’s frugal find we are also doing our first giveaway, a non-stick silicone baking sheet, a $2 find that is virtually identical to the non-stick craft mats sold by a number of companies for $15 - $25 dollars.

Our $2 find is a tad smaller than the others, but works just as well as the more expensive brands. This frugal find was purchased in Calgary at Bianca Amour Liquidation

In order to win today’s giveaway, post your favourite "crafty" frugal find in the comments area. We will have a third party pick the winning entry on April 1st and contact the winner for their mailing address.                       Cheers, Jan and Meredith


  1. I too LOVE the thrill of the hunt. I especially find Value Village to be exhilarating for fabric finds....most recently of the "small linen" (hankie) variety.
    If I happen to see you there however, you may want to....... GET OUT OF MY WAY!

  2. Recently, I wanted to buy some bulrushes for a project. The ones at the well known craft show were quite expensive and I could not make myself buy them a day or two later, I was in Dollarama. Lo-and-behold, there were bulrushes for $1 for a bundle of three. I bought three bundles to complete my project and it looked great who knew ?

  3. Go to Micheal's & buy a $10 bag of assorted button. I've used buttons to assemble & tie jean quilts (7 jean quilts and counting); buttons as closures for recycled jean bags (great for library books & groceries). I've re-purposed old sweat shirts by making a vertical cut in the front of the sweat shirt, adding plackets and sewing assorted buttons on the front - very original. I had an old Stampede shirt with an embroidered corporate logo on the front pocket; I didn't work for the company any more but the shirt was great. I used about 30 white buttons of all sizes & styles and sewed them on top of the corporate logo - Voila, a new shirt! And I have plenty of buttons left over to finish other projects like 7 buttons for a new blouse, 2 buttons for dress pants, and one button for a skirt. Save, Save, Save!