Sunday, 24 February 2013

Image Transfer Techniques

February FOG day was devoted to working on a "Valentine's" themed project, using something that was heat embossed with embossing powders. We worked on these in the morning and in the afternoon we experimented with just a few of the myriad of image transfer techniques.

One of these is the packing tape/clear contact paper transfer, a simple, easy and inexpensive transfer method. Find an image in a magazine that you want to transfer and cover the right side of the image with a piece of the packing tape, sticky side down on the image. 

Next, soak for a short time in a bowl of water. Once it is wet begin in the centre and with your thumbs or fingers start rolling the magazine paper from the back of the tape until only the image is left. The really interesting thing about this type of transfer is that there is no white colour applied to a magazine page, so when you remove the paper, you are left with clear tape.

Two other methods that we tried were:

Artist Transfer Paper by Lesley Riley 


  1. This project has given me a terrific idea - I can make gift labels with the recipient's photos. Where do you come up with all these creative projects? I just want to sit in my craft room and try (and maybe improve upon) these ideas. Thanks - keep the ideas coming.

  2. Jane, Sounds like a creative idea. We did not try to use the packing tape technique with actual photos. We are uncertain if the difference in photo paper and magazine paper would mean that the transfer would not work as well. However, photocopying the photo, or printing it with a laser printer would work. Although we did not try this, we have seen articles that say this will work just as well. By the way, don't forget to really burnish down the image to remove any air bubbles. And, another option is to use the transparent contact paper that is sold as a shelf liner in dollar stores, Walmart, etc. With the contact paper you are able to transfer a much larger image as it is about 12 inches wide.