Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fog Tuesday

With the October exhibition behind us we are finally able to catch up on some long overdue blog postings.

As Jan mentioned last month we decided to do a 30-minute warm up collage each session to reinforce Elements and Principles of Design. In September we covered Shape and the Rule of Thirds and in October we covered Colour and again used Shape to focus the design.

Each person drew a monochromatic paint chip from the hardware store and was challenged to use that colour and incorporate a shape (element from the previous month) and complete their collage in 30 minutes.

Design Element – COLOUR

Warm Up Collages - Design Element COLOUR
  • As a design element, colour is likely the one that gets the most visceral response from a viewer. The liking or not liking of a quilt, art piece or garment can often be swayed by its colour.
  •  Colour may suggest a mood, convey an ethnic or cultural background or elicit a response that may have a psychological origin.
  •  Colours can be warm or cool, create the illusion of depth or luminosity or create a focal point in your piece.
  •  There are 12 colour HUES on a colour wheel made up of 3 primary colours (red, blue and yellow), three secondary colours (orange, green and violet) and 6 tertiary colours.
  •  Colours are further categorized as tints (white is added), tones (grey is added) and shades (black is added)
  • There are a multitude of colour schemes, the most common ones being monochromatic, triads, complimentary, analogous, achromatic and polychromatic.

Bodacious Blooms

You may remember the posting on making felt flowers a while back. While I was making those flowers an idea "blossomed" (pun intended) and I suggested to Jan that we should do a joint project for the show on October 20. Now that the show is over we can finally unveil our arrangement.

It started by making a wet felted vessel for the vase and then finding a source for the non woven paper. We incorporated leaves and flowers made from commercial poly felt and the non woven papers. Both fibres can be easily cut with scissors or using Sizzix dies, can be stitched by hand or machine and heat distressed with our trusty heat guns.  The final touch was the hot pink wire spirals.

"Bodacious Blooms"
Meredith Helgeson and Jan Scruggs


Needless to say we had lots of fun over the summer with this project and the day before launch day decided against trying to calculate how many hours we had put into it. Feedback on it was great at the exhibition and we even got the green thumbs up from floral arranger guru Arlee Barr (thanks Arlee!)

Saturday, 19 October 2013