Monday, 12 October 2015

FOG Tuesday – Lemon Juice Printing

I have no idea where September went and here it is Canadian Thanksgiving and our next FOG Tuesday is just around the corner!

Please visit Jan’s blog to get the finer details of how to make the printing mediums that we used along with lemon juice and heat to create these interesting and magical prints on fabrics and paper.
Commercial Stencils

We used commercial and handmade thermofax screens and commercial stencils for our designs. If you aren’t sure what a thermofax is or how it is made, visit our blog posting here.

Thermofax Screens
Plaid Enterprises, along with Martha Stewart, has created adhesive silkscreens that are used like a thermofax screen. Whether they are still available I’m not sure as the ones we bought were on clearance at Michael’s. The screens are made more durable by putting an edging of duct tape on all sides.
Top: Lemon printing on fabric
Bottom: Lemon printing on silk and silk organza.
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