Monday, 17 November 2014

FOG Tuesday Collage Exercise

We’re nearing the end of our exploration of the Elements and Principles of Design with our look at Balance and Symmetry.

Balance can be achieved in an art piece using any number of the following criteria:

·          position - an element further from centre is heavier
·          texture - complex texture has visually more weight
·          value - darker is heavier
·          quantity - multiple small objects balance one larger object
·          size - larger appears visually weightier
·          shape - simple shapes are lighter than more complex shapes
·          colour - brighter and more intense colours are visually heavier
·          isolation - an isolated elements has more weight
·          value contrast - the higher the contrast the more weight
·          orientation - diagonal orientation is heavier than vertical or horizontal orientation
Warm Up Collage

Design Principle - Balance and Symmetry
Symmetry in a piece of art can take on a number of different forms:

·         Radial - elements radiate out from the centre
·         Symmetrical - reversing the design, or having elements of equal weight along the vertical or horizontal axis
·         Asymmetrical - considering the influences above, balance is achieved using disparate elements
·         Crystallographic - allover pattern, repeating elements like a quilt
·         Unbalanced - can be specifically used to create a disturbing or uncomfortable effect

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