Thursday, 12 June 2014

FOG Tuesday - Collage Exercise

This month’s collage exercise was based on the Design Principle – Motion/Movement.

This is not referring to kinesthetic art, which is actually movable art such as clothing, or a mobile, but it refers to the techniques that imply movement, or art work that illustrates movement.

Movement or Motion:
Warm Up Collages
Design Principle - Motion/Movement
  • can be made with lines and streaks around a figure or shape
  • can be implied through blurring the outlines of an element
  • can be achieved by the blending of colours at the edges
For example:
  • a figure of a runner leaning forward, or a tree bent at an angle may indicate wind.
  • a variation in the size of elements, moving from small to large, similar a bouncing ball
  • by overlapping elements, like a time lapse photograph, movement is implied

Movement can also refer to the way a viewer’s eye moves around the art piece. This is created by the artist arranging the elements to encourage the eye to move around the entire art work. This can be enhanced by using curved forms that keep the eye moving in a circular direction.

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