Wednesday, 12 March 2014


This month’s collage exercise was based on the first of the Design Principles – FOCAL POINT.

A focal point in an art piece can be created in a number of ways:
Warm Up Collages - Design Principle - FOCAL POINT
  • By the use of a textural contrast to the rest of the surrounding elements
  • By creating open space in the midst of clutter
  • By inserting a realistic element in the middle of abstract objects
  • By providing a vertical element amidst horizontal lines
  • By placing a large element in the midst of several small elements
  • By using colour to draw the eye, for example complimentary colours, an area of red with lots of surrounding green, will create a focal point
  • By changing the style of pattern

It’s interesting to note that most fine art, collage or mixed media pieces have a focal point, but many traditional and modern style quilts do not. Quilts (unless art or landscape quilts, or patterns such as Medallion and Lone Star) are based on a repeat of same style blocks in regular settings.

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  1. hmm! I am interested in grids right now and a challenge could be to put a focal point in a traditional block quilt.