Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fog Tuesday

With traffic crawling along in Calgary on FOG Tuesday, we were late getting to the session. The roads were very busy and extremely icy. At the suggestion of one of the group we had a potluck for lunch – some very tasty offerings were sampled, though much to our surprise no one brought dessert! That has to be a first with any potluck that I have been to.

Design Element – Texture
Warm Up Collages - Design Element TEXTURE
  • Texture as an element of design can be visual or tactile.
  • Visual texture might be achieved through colour or value, with darker areas suggesting depth. Some visual textures may be interpreted as tactile, for example the use of a smooth fabric that has a brick pattern may seem rough.
  • Tactile texture is something that can be felt, for example the actual surface where your collage is built may have a texture of its own or you can add texture with embellishments, layers of paint or spackle. All fabrics are tactile with surfaces being rough or smooth.
  • Each member took 30 minutes to complete a collage using texture as the primary design element in combination with one of the previous design elements of shape, colour or line.
The actual textures are not easy to see in the photo, but there are hand made papers, sequins, tissue paper, silk flowers, dry brush techniques, napkins over hot glue and chip board shapes just to name a few.

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  1. I think these warm up exercises are so great and a terrific idea!