Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth Day

I know that Earth Day is about being green and striving to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in all aspects of your life, but I just "attended" my first online webinar hosted by Michelle Brown from Mixed Media Art in Australia and Earth Day became something more global for me.

How much more part of Earth Day can you be when someone from "down under" can talk and interact with you from a time zone, far, far away on a topic of great interest to you?

Michelle's free, online tutorial Creating Layers was a great primer on the techniques and supplies needed and the fun you can have when creating layers in mixed media.

I especially appreciated her use of found objects and we share a passion for thrift when it comes to making use of items that you already have in your stash. This is surely in keeping with the spirit of Earth Day.     Thanks Michelle!


  1. I've created carry bags out of old jeans. Just to make the bags unique I've used ribbons from boxes of chocolate (Godiva has a nice wide ribbon with the company name on the ribbon) as well as jean labels (Levis and Wrangler labels are the best) to accent my jean bags . Clerks at the grocery store always ask to buy my bags but I can't part with them. Green Earth always works at my place.

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for your tips on how you recycle your worn jeans and combining with the remnants of a chocolate feast, what's not to love? If you go back to our September 2012 posts you'll find another great use for worn jeans and old books - our Eco Journals.