Saturday, 13 October 2012

We Were Smokin' on Tuesday!

Our October meeting came and went so quickly but we had a great time trying our hand at Encaustic Mixed Media. Despite all the safeguards we put into place, windows and doors open for ventilation, the stove hood fan and table fan on, location of the fire extinguisher, we still managed to set off the smoke detectors!

We called the building manager to say that we had NOT set the place on fire and would she come to turn off the alarm for us. She was very nice about it all and has even offered us a locked cupboard to store our items.

Encaustic - a very interesting addition to collage mixed media. An old process brought up-to-date and finding its way into a new generation of mixed media artists. While we all still have lots to learn about it - mainly working out of doors on a nice day - I think that we all agreed that we liked the process.

I was most intrigued that you could put rub-on decals, Letraset letters and foil accents directly onto the wax.

Photos to follow...


  1. Yes encaustic can be a lot of fun. Keep working at it, you'll like the end results.

  2. It's not just about the's also about that great "fire sale" the next weekend! Glad you all had a hot time. Keep up the good work, but remember, fire retardant gear is not optional! Best wishes.